Curiously exploring creativity.

Leelee Macdonell

About The Studio

Leelee is a creative studio founded by Leanne "Leelee" Macdonell. Leelee provides graphic design services and products for thoughtful creatives.

Our design focus is on books that aim to cultivate joy, spark imagination, and celebrate creativity. Subject matter of interest includes art, craft, design, family, food, garden, home, lifestyle, photography, travel, and wellness.

We also design a range of promotional materials to help captivate your audience.

Leelee Macdonell
Leelee Macdonell

About Leelee Macdonell

Leelee Macdonell is a graphic designer and artist curiously exploring different ways of being creative. She is also an emerging artist with a focus on abstraction and surface pattern design.

A professional in the creative industry since 1996, Leelee has worked on many different kinds of projects with a wide range of people from all over the world. She has experience creating branding, packaging, publications, surface patterns, websites, promotional items, and more... While she's designed a lot of things the one thing that she absolutely loves to work on is books. Her love for publication design began in her 20s when she worked nights creating layouts for an entertainment guide. Since then she's worked on several art, culture, and lifestyle publications.

As a reliable, ethical designer, Leelee handles all of her projects with thoughtful care. She has a holistic approach and uses her intuition to guide her. From start to finish Leelee will be there for you every step of the creative journey. She's a good listener and has a knack for organising chaos.

Leelee enjoys a colourful way of life...A Third Culture Kid born in South Africa, she has lived in Taiwan, Thailand, United States, and now Canada. She considers herself to be a global citizen. She loves to help people celebrate their craft, family, and lifestyle in ways that bring joy and meaning to their community.

Leelee is a humanitarian and devoted lover of animals and nature. Thanks to the support of her loyal clients she is frequently able to donate to organisations advocating for animal welfare, nature conservation, and human rights.

She currently lives in Toronto with her husband, two rescued cats from Bangkok, and over 100 plants.