Here's what people have to say about working with Leelee.

Sara Smeaton

Certified Midlife Coach


“Before I started working with Leelee my website and branding were getting dated and hard to update. I didn't have an online business, just a static website.

Leelee has completely revolutionized my brand, making my website look, feel, and act in ways that align with the quality of work that I do. She has completely organized me in the backend, kept me on track, advised on technology, and been an indispensable right hand allowing me to focus on delivering my work instead of spending time on things that aren't my area of expertise. I get consistent compliments on my website's usability and look and feel.

I was working with another small graphics business that was lovely to deal with but when I met with Leelee about another potential design project, she looked at my stuff and her recommendations were so clear and compelling, I got excited to see what she could do for me and decided to give her a try. I have never looked back.

Leelee is efficient, organized, clear, boundaried, has a great design sense and skills, she is patient, trustworthy and not afraid to learn what she doesn't already know. She is a fantastic collaborator and easy to work with. I also really appreciate that I always know that Leelee will be honest with me and won't just tell me what I want to hear. She has integrity and a work ethic that I admire.

Working with Leelee will make you look as professional and credible to the outside world as you no doubt are. Your business' image isn't a place to cut corners or try to DIY. You will level up with Leelee and will see a return on your investment in clients and media attention.

I can't imagine not working with Leelee. We're a team. She's accelerated my business and I have total peace of mind knowing she's in my corner.”

Services: Website design, graphic design, email marketing, content management, design-related project management (Toronto, Canada)

Marina Dempster

Sculptural Artist


“Before I found Leelee, I was struggling to take my professional print and online presence to the next level. I had no idea what having a professional designer to assist me would facilitate. Working with Leelee has helped me to access new opportunities and to build my audience with confidence. When Leelee and I began collaborating it was absurdly clear how stuck I might have been without her service and guidance.

Over the course of our collaboration Leelee has been able to assist me in a myriad of ways; the strategy and design of a gorgeous artist’s catalogue, a professional website with newsletter and blog that I am now able to maintain myself, as well as the web design and back end management of a very complex curatorial project involving over 20 artists and with mind numbing retail ramifications. Leelee’s innate creativity is backed up with intelligence and ingenuity.

Working with Leelee is a clear, systemic and boundaried process. I know what I am required to prepare and to provide in order to make the process as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Leelee has also provided me with extensive training so that I am also expanding my skills and confidence in keeping my professional presence relevant and fresh. As an artist herself, she is able to understand and appreciate the nuances of the look and feel of each project.

Leelee is super passionate about her work, and has very high standards for the work that she does. I have witnessed her consistently upgrade her skills and capacities to be ahead of the demands of her clients. Having someone like Leelee be the backbone of my design projects is an absolute boon. The materials and resources that she has produced for me are beautiful, inspired, clean and effective communication tools that have enabled me to access opportunities that would have been otherwise elusive.

What has surprised me the most about working with Leelee is how undaunted and enthusiastic she is about each project in spite of my being overwhelmed. She makes the collaborative process seamless and rewarding. Leelee’s ability to rise to any of creative design challenges and her sustained support at every stage of the process is invaluable to me.”

Services: Website design, art catalogue design (Toronto, Canada)

Kathy Kranias

Artist, Educator and Art Historian

“It was a positive process to work with Leelee on my book project. Leelee’s design solutions were creative and functional, and she gave careful consideration to connecting images and text in her design. Leelee’s organized and efficient system of working online made the whole process enjoyable.”

Services: Book design (Toronto, Canada)

Sarah Aranha

Creating Together Family Resource Centre

"Leelee took the time to understand our needs from the outset, and brought her past experience working with nonprofits to our project, sharing ideas that worked and suggesting straightforward solutions to challenges. She developed for us a beautiful website that fit the needs of our non-profit organization while offering us great value for our budget. Not only did Leelee include all the functional elements we were looking for, she designed it to be easy for a small staff to maintain and update as required. She is organized and kept the project on track through completion. The staff training component in particular was well thought-out, as she prepared useful reference materials for us and anticipated many of our questions and needs moving forward. For this, we are so appreciative! Without hesitation, we would recommend Leelee to any organization seeking excellent design services and client support."

Services: Website design (Toronto, Canada)

Tracy Starr

Acclimate Magazine

"Leelee has a gift for understanding a concept in my head and crafting it into a more beautiful design than I could have imagined. When Leelee and I met, I knew immediately that we'd make a great team. Leelee helped me in the early planning stages of building Acclimate magazine, designed our media kit, and designed the look of the entire magazine. In addition to design, Leelee had also taken responsibility for the printing and distribution of Acclimate, which she managed competently and efficiently. On top of all of her skills, she is fun and easy to work with, and her fees are fair and reasonable. I'm delighted we found each other, and have recommended her many times to friends and colleagues."

Services: Magazine design and layout, print management and distribution (Bangkok, Thailand)

Danny Steyn

African Offroad Tours and Ocean Machinery

"Her attention to detail is exceptional and working with her was a total pleasure. I recommend her highly to anyone seeking quality graphic design work."

Services: Brochure design (Fort Lauderdale, United States)

Carmen Koda

Independent Project Manager for Medeguide

"Leelee has a great creative, consultative and analytical mind to solve problems from a design and strategic perspective. She is constantly thinking outside the box to come up with new ways to approach projects. She is dedicated to excellent work and is always reliable with work timelines — patiently working with and delivering on difficult client demands. It was a pleasure working with her and I look forward to the opportunity again."

Services: Website design for Medeguide (Bangkok, Thailand)

Ruben Toral

MedNet Asia and Medeguide

"Leelee is a gifted designer with a very good eye. She's a wonderful person and a pleasure to work with. Leelee was the creative director for Medeguide and was responsible for the design of our web platform, branding and corporate marketing collateral. I recommend her without reservation to any individual or organization looking for graphic design talent that is out of the ordinary. We miss her..."

Services: Website design, brochure and report design (Bangkok, Thailand)

Simon Clarke


"She was always pushing out the boundaries and very good at translating words into imagery and design. She is also a very nice person which helps in a small team."

Services: Website design, brochure and report design (Bangkok, Thailand)

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